The Power Of 'EduTAINMENT'
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The Future of Gaming

Animation is different from Other field.It is the language of Caricature
It is used in Films & Entertaiment, Science Engineering, Medical, Defence, Adversitment, Education, Gaming, Etc..,

With Visual Effects Everything is possible. So we've seen Everything.
It can be Imagined, It can be put on Screen

Film Making is a Miracle of Collaboration.
Film Making is the process of Shooting the movie by using Camera Or Mobile Phone.

Gamers don't die, they Respawn.
The Video Game Industry is the Economic Sector involved in the Development, Marketing & Monetization of Video Games.

'Photography is TRUTH'
Photography is the result of combining several Technical discoveries relating to seeing an image and capturing the image.

Drawing is used to express one’s creativity,and therefore has been prominent in the world of Art.
Drawing and Painting have better in Technological aspect such as 3D Paintings, Animation and VFX.

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"Rohit Kumar"

I am proud to be a student of Baag Animation, One of the best academy for learning Animation & Graphics.


Shree Ram

Best Animation Institute in Hyderabad.


Anil Kumar

Good Insttute with 100% Placements.


Abdul Khasim

In todays Gaming World VFX is so important, to make graphics look real.


Baag Animations Academy is a learning program supporting Animation, VFX,Gaming & Entrance Preparation talent ready to step into a career in many sectors like Movies, Television, Gaming, E-Learning, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Automobile Designing ,Medical Animation and Education etc.